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Linkis has become Ridder

We’d like to inform you that Linkis was acquired by Ridder in order to renew its operations. You can resume working with your links through Ridder toolset the way you used to.

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About Linkis

Linkis is a free link customization service for social promotion. It provides the most convenient and easy way to customize links and thus engage more followers. In other words, Linkis helps you promote yourself or your project by simply sharing web pages.

Links customization means you can add any additional information to basically any web page you share. It can be your personal data (bio and links to social accounts), links to your site and blog, or a poll to collect your friends' opinions on the matter.

All the links you've shared with our app are stored in your account with additional stats : views, likes, shares and replies to your tweets.

You may also activate Convey by Linkis to keep your Twitter feed updated even when you're offline. It will post the most popular link among people you follow on your behalf every day.

Start with super-easy authorization via Facebook. Once you're logged in, you can use all our tools freely. We created several themes for customized pages, so you can choose any that suits your current needs. In your Linkis account you can add any info you’d like to promote. Linkis will do the rest.

We are constantly working on improving our service and developing new tools to consider your preferences and wishes. And, of course, we will be grateful for any feedback on the subject.