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Chris Anderson on the Democratisation of Manufacturing, Design and Technology
Published: September 09, 2012

This talk took place on Wednesday 19th September at the Royal Institution of Great Britain, London.

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Making things for most of us means baking cakes or tinkering in the garden shed. Chris Anderson, renowned technology expert, American author of the bestsellers The Long Tail and Free and Editor-in-Chief of Wired magazine, came to Intelligence Squared to herald the third industrial revolution, in which high-tech do-it-yourself will become a part of everyday life. No longer will every aspiring entrepreneur need the support of a major manufacturer to realise their dreams. We'll be living in a world, predicts Anderson, where technologies such as 3-D printing and electronics assembly will be available to everybody and where anybody with a smart idea and a little expertise will be able to make their ideas a reality.
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