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Underwater Welding: Mechanism, Training Requirements, Getting the Job, Dangers, and Salary
Published: March 03, 2017
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Underwater Welding
Underwater welding is an interesting and somewhat dangerous career.
This career falls under the broader category of commercial diving.
Many underwater welders also do other underwater maintenance jobs as professional divers.

Mechanism of the process
Welders start by taking photographs of the affected areas of the project.
They’ll then go through a process of recommending supplies or equipment, and lay out how long a job will take.
Then, they will do the actual welding and repair work in the underwater world to which they have unique access.

Education and Training Requirements
Underwater welding requires experience and certification as both a diver and a welder.
Underwater welders and other professional divers start out as apprentice divers, also known as diver tenders, and then move into being underwater welders in their own right.

Getting the Job
Most Companies will only hire those who have worked as diver tenders for a number of years.
Some larger companies will contract out positions on an as-needed basis, but others will hire full time underwater welding experts and will do some in-house training.

Working Conditions and Environment
This can be a somewhat dangerous job, as diving in itself can be dangerous. However, knowing and following proper protocol makes it much less dangerous.
Welders can work in any conditions, including cold and rain, rougher seas, or calm, warm waters.
Hours for this type of job can be long and irregular, and actual work may be somewhat sporadic.
Because many of these jobs are worked on a contract basis, underwater welders may be required to travel all around the world for their work. It can be exhausting

It’s really difficult to establish an “average” salary in the underwater welding field .
Some welders only make about $15,000 per year, but others can make over $200,000 per year.
The reason is , for all underwater welding professionals, pay is usually per job, so salary can vary widely depending on how many jobs are available at any given time.
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