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Hakeem Olajuwon & Kobe Bryant Improvise In The Post
Published: July 07, 2013
Unseen footage from the 2009 session with Hakeem Olajuwon & Kobe Bryant. Kobe Bryant & Hakeem Olajuwon go one-on-one with post move combos from the Dream Shake to Meet the Ball-Baseline Fade Away.

0:01: Post-up, original dream shake move finishing with a Jumper

0:10: Meet-the-ball Baseline Fade Away/surprise move to create space. 99% of the time when the Postman catches the ball, he reads the defense and then makes his move. In this case, there is no hesitation. As you catch the ball you're already meeting the ball and turning/stepping through, pivoting and making your move. No other agenda in mind except to commit to this move. Its a quick turn around. Requires quick turn around catching the defender grounded so he cannot react. This move sets up the next move.

0:26: Baseline spin move

0:38: One dribble to the baseline to force the defender to cut off the baseline. Counter with a spin move to the middle for a jump hook (my go to move ) or jumper (Kobe ).

0:52: Open up/face up from the post. One dribble to the middle to force the defender to middle then counter with a spin move back to the baseline finishing with a jump shot or a fade away jump shot.

Pointer: Each move has a counter move. The Baseline move sets up all the other counter moves.
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