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Mama voli bebu (Mommy Loves Baby) 2013 Lullaby Song for Little Children
Published: February 02, 2013
Get "Mama voli bebu" (Mommy Loves Baby ) song for your device by Nykk Deetronic here:
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Ostale verzije pesme [Other Versions]:

Mommy Loves Baby - Special Normal Edition (2013 ):

妈妈爱宝贝 (2014 ) Mommy Loves Baby in Chinese:

Mommy Loves Baby (2013 ):

Mommy Loves Baby - Italiano (Pupo Dela Mamma ):

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Translated to:
- Српски [Serbian]
- Hrvatsko-Bosansko-Crnogorski [Serbo-Croatian]
- Kineski [Traditional Chinese]

Please turn on [CC] [Captions] button on Youtube player and select language to "understand" more than you think ; )

Look at Real Life characters [Maxim Baby & Little Maltese Puppy Masha] from the video:

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Nykk Deetronic:

Credits: Artwork, dizajn [design], animacija [animations], komponovanje [music composing] & video: Nikola Tomic (Nykk )

Glasovi // Voices:
Jelena Kovacevic - vokal // Vocalist
Jelena S.P. (Seka Persa ) - Mama // Mommy
Nikola Tomic (Nykk ) - Tatica & Bebica // Daddy & Baby
Masha - naš Mali maltezer // our Small Maltese Puppy
Ratko Tomic (Lorkando Shpani ) - Text

Produced in 2013 by
Nykk Tomic // Deetronic Design Studio //

Software I've used to produce the video:

music: Renoise []
sound recording & editing: Steinberg WaveLab
graphics: Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop
video: Adobe AfterEffects

It took me ~10 working days to finish.

Мама любит тебя, детка // Мама любит ребенка // Мама любить дитину // Mom liebt Baby // Mama iubește copilul // 媽媽愛你,寶貝

Posvećeno našoj bebi Maximu. Njegova Mamica i njegov Tatica.
This song is dedicated to Maxim by his Mommy and Daddy : )

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