Jan 24, 2017

Schooling in the Ownership Society

News and analysis of corporate school reform and the privatization of public education

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    Last week's election was both a victory and a defeat for corporate education reform. On one hand, Donald Trump won with a strong commitment to school choice and privatization, which is the highest goal of corporate reformers. He will very likely appoint a Supreme Court justice (or justices) hostile...

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    The debates about how best to improve our schools will soon be in the media again. The confirmation process for Betsy DeVos, secretary of education designee, will be one of many newsworthy flash points as President Trump and his team take the reins of power. The DeVos nomination signals increased...

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    President-elect Donald Trump is under fire from teachers' unions and supporters of public schools for choosing Betsy DeVos, a fierce advocate for privatizing public education, as the next Secretary of Education. During her confirmation hearings, DeVos is certain to be pressed on her views, shining...

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    A message from Diane Ravitch The Network for Public Education has received a very positive response, and we are building alliances with grassroots groups across the nation. If you know of any who have not signed up, please tell them how to find us. You know what we oppose: High-stakes testing;...

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    Privatization of all things public has slammed Detroit as gentrifying investors seek to put price tags on what was previously public domain. In predatory fashion, privatizers are targeting the city’s struggling students as a new frontier for profit. How weak and vulnerable is public education in...

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