Aug 05, 2020

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The articles on these pages address both Institutional racism and individual acts of racism. Here, you will find discussions that center on the kind of racism that continues to operate relentlessly on its own, like a machine, in spite of the intentions of people of good will. De factor racism, silent racism, covert racism, microaggresive behavior, implicit bias, there are lots of names for what...

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  • GOP Benghazi Ploy Helps Hillary

    GOP Benghazi Ploy Helps Hillary: The Benghazi Ploy is the worst Republican idea since some the bridge in New Jersey was blocked.

  • Rich Victims

    Rich Victims: Donald Sterling's attitude toward his basketball players resembles that of baronial landlords toward tenant farmers.

  • White Power Rising

    Tom Hayden: We who were raised on the myths of pluralism and melting pots often have a hard time grasping the persistent growth of a Tea Party that still spouts the very doctrines which we believed were obsolete 50 years ago.

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