Sep 24, 2015

Turkish-Uyghur Terror Inc. – America’s Other Al Qaeda | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization

It is no longer tenable for the United States and its regional allies in and near the Middle East to claim they are backing "moderate rebels" in the proxy war raging in Syria, Iraq, and parts of Le...

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    Oh wait, Obama and Kerry already sent gifts to the terrorist regime in Tehran - enough to purchase Chateau Dom Perignon and FTD flowers. All Team O forgot to send were the strippers and candy. Let's be clear - Iran has been the diplomatic equivalent of the Proverbial ‘white whale' for every US...

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    For 14 years the US has waged a global war on terror with a stated goal of denying al Qaeda a safe haven anywhere in the world.  Now several of our regional partners in the Middle East, hell-bent on removing Assad from power, are backing a coalition of Syrian rebel groups that include the local al...

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    We trained moderates to fight in Syria and they gave terrorists our weapons and trucks as soon as they entered the country. Here is another chapter in the story we have been reading for years, as reported this time in The Telegraph, “US-trained Division 30 rebels 'betrayed US and hand weapons over...

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    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration wants to help its allies across the Atlantic with an escalating migrant crisis, but is unlikely to open America's doors to vast numbers of Syrian and other refugees arriving each day by the thousands in Europe. While Germany braces for some 800,000 asylum...

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    WASHINGTON (AP) — At the CIA's Counterterrorism Center, it was a cause for celebration: Meticulous intelligence analysis backed by Hellfire missiles had paid off, once again. The CIA launched a drone strike last month on a Yemeni beach at three men it determined were al-Qaida militants. One of them...

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